Ohio Showtime was established to help enhance the character of each player by developing their appreciation of teamwork, commitment, and personal success. Through the development of a strong work ethic, commitment to team, and their personal success. We help prepare each student-athlete for success on the court, in the classroom, and for the ever changing challenges of life. Everyone associated with our program are professionals both on and off the court, and they have a wealth of knowledge in coaching. In basketball we offer competition for all skill levels, not just our elite teams.

Ohio Showtime is a Youth Basketball Program, that's affiliated with Ohio Basketball Club. This Program is made up of Players from both the Akron and Canton surrounding areas. We pride ourselves with providing up to date Basketball Skill Training, Exposure, Competition, and offering Educational Tutoring Programs for the athletes in our program, that might need help in the classroom.  We monitor not only the on court development of the players, but their off court social and academic development. 

Ohio Showtime was started by Jimmy Drummond. Jimmy has a Associates Degree in Sports Management and he is currently pursuing his Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. Jimmy has over 20 years of experience in either Coaching on the High School level as a Asst. Coach or Coaching AAU and Running his own AAU program. Over the years Jimmy has coached the likes of Randall Holt, Robert Johnson, Carl Jones, Reggie Keely, John Smith, Jordan Crawford, Daylan Harrison, Lawrence Wilson, Beanie Wells, Terrell Sutton, Dewayne Jackson, Lorenzo Cugni, Davonte Beard, and many more. I have met hundreds of College Coaches on every level during my years of being a coach. Many of whom,  I speak to on a daily basis. I have also developed meaningful relationships with several of the nation’s top scouting services. These qualities will help me get the players in our organization exposure, recognition, and the chance to earn a College Scholarship

This Program will be built on Respect, Leadership and Accountability. This means we are given an opportunity to be role models for the young boys in our community. We will stress education and hard work in the Classroom as well as home. These qualities will help us craft these young boys or teenagers into Basketball Players, but also help prepare them for life. It’s also my job to upgrade this program every year and provide a learning environment for the kids on & off the court.

This will be a Pay to Play Organization ( meaning there's a fee for each player that participates in our Basketball Organization )


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